Planning Tools2020-04-11T12:46:41-04:00

We have an incredible section on our website, called “Planning Tools” .  You will be able to do the following on our website:

  1.  Schedule Meetings
    1. Food Tastings
    2. Final Meeting
    3. Ceremony Rehearsal
    4. General Meeting
  2. Download “General to Do Checklist” for planning your wedding
  3. Download “Seating Diagrams”
  4. Get “Directions” to Falls Manor
  5. Get “Hotel” information for your guests and “Restaurant” recommendations for out of town visitors.
  6. Download “Wedding Day Timeline”
  7. Look at “Venue Measurements”
  8. Look through “FAQs”, which is this list but readily available on our website
  9. See all the local “Photo Locations” to take off site photos
  10. Get all the contact information for our “In House Vendors”

Browse through our “Treasure Chest” and select all the décor items for your wedding. Treasure Chest selections are due the Friday before your Final Meeting.

Who is my contact person?2020-04-11T12:45:14-04:00

Your main contact person is our Venue Coordinator, who can answer any of your questions.  They can be reached by call or text at 215 943-7070 during regular business hours Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm or also by email at [email protected].  One of Falls Manor’s experienced Maître D’s along with the Captain will take care of all your needs the day of the wedding and ensure that everything flows the way it’s supposed to and all the details are taken care of.  If you would like to reach our owner, Sonya Elmore, directly, you are welcome to do that at any time at [email protected] or text her at 215 943-7070.

What’s next, now that I have booked my wedding date?2020-04-10T09:37:57-04:00

We will only need to meet once before your wedding.  This meeting is called “The Final Meeting” and needs to take place 2 weeks before your reception date, always on a Monday.  Your contract has the exact date when we need to meet.  Your final guest count, final payment in full, meal selection, napkin color and all other details of your reception will be due at that time.  We have a separate “Final Meeting” checklist to help you prepare for the meeting.  Final Meetings always take place on a Monday the week before your wedding (last appointment taken at 3:30 pm) and take about 60-90 minutes, depending on how prepared you are when you come to the meeting.  Our office closes at 5:00 pm, so we ask you to please be prepared with all the required items as we cannot extend our office hours beyond 5 pm.  Please plan accordingly as we do not do Final Meetings in the evenings or on the weekends.  To schedule, simply email or call us at least 4 weeks before your wedding or even easier, go on our website at www.fallsmanorcatering.com/planning-tools/schedule-meetings/ and schedule your Final Meeting right from there.

What time can I arrive to Falls Manor on my wedding day?2020-04-10T09:40:39-04:00

We allow the bridal party and bride and groom to arrive one (1) hour before the event’s start time to get ready or to take pictures.  We ask you not to arrive any earlier, as that disrupts our staff who is setting up for your event and trying to make everything perfect.

Can I get dressed and do my make up in the bridal suite?2020-02-21T18:12:00-05:00

You can absolutely get dressed at Falls Manor, however, we do not allow professional make up applications in the bridal suite or public ladies’ room.

When can my guests start arriving at Falls Manor?2020-04-10T09:42:49-04:00

We have found that guests start arriving about 30 minutes prior to the start time.  Please do not try to “trick” the guests and put an earlier time on your invitation than what you are contracted for with Falls Manor.  It disrupts our staff who are still in the middle of setting up and the guests get upset when they find out that the wedding is not starting at the time they were told to come.

Can I bring my own food?2020-04-10T09:43:46-04:00

Unfortunately, no.  We have our own catering team.  You can, however, set up your own Candy Bar.  See more about that below.

What do I need to know about vendor meals?2020-04-10T09:49:25-04:00

If you would like to provide a meal for vendors (DJ, photographer, videographer, etc), we offer them at ½ price.  Vendors are not allowed to consume any alcohol and will not be served at the bar.  Vendors are also not seated at the guest tables as they are working the entire time.  Vendors usually eat in the lobby and we have a dedicated server who will take care of them.  If you seat any of your vendors, they will be considered guests and will be charged at full price.  If your officiant stays for the reception and requires a seat, you will need to pay full price for him/her and any of his/her assistants.  You also do not need to offer a meal choice to the vendors, they usually eat off the buffet or receive a chicken entrée if you are doing a sit-down dinner.

What if bride and groom want a different meal than the guests or would like an additional meal?2020-02-21T18:17:26-05:00

We would be happy to accommodate such requests for a nominal fee.  Just make sure to mention this at the Final Meeting.

I want to offer my guests a sit-down dinner, do I need to give them dinner choices ahead of time?2020-04-10T09:52:17-04:00

Yes, absolutely.  If you decide on the sit down, you will need to list the choices for your guests on their invitations.  As you get the RSVPs back, keep track of each person’s meal as we will need to know that later (how many of each entree you need and who is eating what, please use the excel template to keep track).  We do not take orders tableside, so if you don’t offer guests the dinner choices, we will have to switch to buffet.  Alternatively, you can choose to offer a duet entrée plate where YOU select two entrees and we will serve both entrées to each guest on the same plate (this option is a lot easier on the couple).

Children who are ½ price, do they get a regular meal or kids’ meal if I am offering a sit-down dinner? What happens to the kid’s meals if I am offering a buffet?2020-02-21T18:20:13-05:00

For a sit-down dinner:  children who are ½ price can either pick the kids’ meal (chicken fingers, fries and a vegetable) or order an adult meal, just indicate their choice on the Excel spreadsheet.

For buffet dinner:  children do not get any special meals and eat whatever is served on the buffet.

When do I set up my cake tasting?2020-02-21T18:21:24-05:00

You can set up your cake tasting at anytime directly with our preferred bakery, Desserts by Design in Richboro, PA (215 933-8881).  Tastings are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Do I need to bring my own bags/boxes if I want my wedding cake packed to go?2020-02-21T18:22:21-05:00

You do not need to bring your own bags or boxes. We provide clear clam shells.

Is there a cake cutting fee?2020-04-10T09:55:23-04:00

No.  We will cut your cake after the cake cutting ceremony and either serve it on the buffet or serve it to your guests.

How do food tastings work?2020-04-10T09:59:32-04:00

We conduct private tastings Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm for up to 4 guests served family style.  Please look through the menu in your package and pick the following for the tasting:

4 Entrees (may not include hand-carved protein)

3 Sides


You can schedule your tasting at any time by clicking on  www.fallsmanorcatering.com/planning-tools/schedule-meetings/.  The food tasting is included in your package for up to 4 people (including the wedding couple).  Anyone over 4 guests is charged $62 per person and has to be paid in advance.  We recommend setting up your tasting at least 3-6 months in advance.


We have a strictly enforced 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy, regardless if the tasting is complimentary in your package. Any tasting missed, late cancelled, or rescheduled without a 24 hour notice will be forfeited. In order to reschedule the tasting, you will be subject to the full-price tasting charge of $62 per person.


Please schedule your food tasting here.

How many bartenders/servers will be at my wedding?2020-04-10T10:02:27-04:00

We provide 1 bartender for every 100-110 guests.  You may add any additional bartender at $100.  Please make sure to mention this at your final meeting.  We usually provide 1 server per 2 guest tables.

How long does dinner service usually take at the Reception?2020-04-10T10:06:33-04:00

It definitely depends on the size of your wedding.  Just to give you an idea, we can serve approximately 150 guests for a sit-down dinner in 50-60 minutes.  It will take about 25-30 minutes for 150 guests to go through the buffet.

Can I bring my own Candy Bar?2020-04-10T10:08:07-04:00

Yes!  We will provide a table (with a tablecloth if needed), you provide the rest.  You are also responsible for setting it up and breaking it down.

Can I get leftover food from the buffet or no-show guests packed to go?2020-02-21T18:35:54-05:00

We do not pack any leftover food to go for liability purposes.  However, we will pack any leftover un-cut wedding cake, if there is any left, for the bride and groom.

Do you allow shots?2020-02-21T18:36:40-05:00

We do not allow shots at weddings.

Can I bring my own alcohol?2020-02-21T18:37:52-05:00

Falls Manor operates under full liquor license and it is against the PA Liquor Law for you to bring alcohol into our facility.  Absolutely no coolers are allowed.  Please advise your bridal party not to bring any cans of beer or any other alcohol inside the venue.

Can I have a Signature cocktail?2020-04-10T10:19:37-04:00

Yes.  We have 10 Specialty Cocktails to choose from, you may pick 2 different cocktails and give them your own names.  We will make a sign, so you don’t have to worry about that.  Unfortunately, you may not make up your own signature cocktail.

  1. The Tipsy Groom – Rum or Whiskey with Coke or Ginger Ale
  2. Sweet on You – Vodka, Cranberry & Pineapple
  3. Wedding Cake Martini – Gin, Amaretto, Orange and Pineapple juices and Cream
  4. Something Blue – Vodka or Rum with Pineapple Juice & Blue Curacao
  5. Main Squeeze – Gin, Ginger Ale & Lemon Juice
  6. Sun-Kissed Bride – Tequila, OJ & Grenadine
  7. Love Potion – Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice & Lime Juice
  8. The Perfect Pair – Gin & Tonic
  9. Blushing Bride – Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Lime Juice & Cranberry Juice
  10. Drunk in Love – Tequila, Triple Sec & Lime Juice
When can I schedule my Wedding Rehearsal and how long is it?2020-04-10T10:22:37-04:00

Wedding rehearsals usually take place on Thursdays evenings and Fridays at 3:30 pm only.  We allow no more than 30 minutes for the rehearsals; therefore, we recommend telling your bridal party a 30 minute earlier start time to ensure that we begin on time.   You do not need your officiant present at the rehearsal; one of our staff members will coordinate it.  To schedule, simply go to our website at www.fallsmanorcatering.com/planning-tools/schedule-meetings/.

Can I bring a runner for my ceremony?2020-02-21T18:54:38-05:00

For the inside ceremonies we do not allow runners because we have hardwood flooring everywhere and nothing can be taped to the floor.  However, you may bring a runner for the outside ceremony.

When are my payments due and can I make interim payments?2020-04-10T11:09:51-04:00

There are 3 payments that you are required to make before your reception, please consult your contract for the specific dates.

You can also make any interim payments that will go towards your account.  The first 2 payments can be made in person or mailed in.  We accept cash, personal checks, bank checks, or money orders.  Any returned checks will incur a $25 return check fee.  For the final balance, we only accept cash or certified bank checks.  The catering office is open 9 am to 5:30 pm Monday-Friday, however, our sister company, La Luna Dance Studio is open until 9:30 pm Monday-Thursday and also on Sundays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.  You can give your payment to the front desk receptionist and they will write you a receipt.  If you are writing a check, always put your last names and the wedding date on the check.

It is extremely important you make all your payments on time and in full as 1% of the payment is charged for every day the payment is late.  We reserve the right to release your wedding date if we do not receive your payment and there is no communication from you.

Can someone else send in payments for my wedding?2020-04-10T11:15:49-04:00

Absolutely.  Just make sure your names and the wedding date are written on the check.  Make checks payable to:

Falls Manor

4010 New Falls Rd.

Bristol, PA 19007

What kind of decorations do you provide?2020-04-10T11:20:44-04:00

We are very proud of our “Treasure Chest” with over 1,000 décor items: variety of centerpieces, table numbers, votive candles, wedding signs, easels, lobby décor, seating charts, cake stands, cake toppers, cake knives, cake plates & forks, champagne flutes, card boxes, curtain ties, ceremony backdrops, ceremony aisle décor, Flower girl baskets, Ring bearer pillows, ceremony tables, bridal gown hangers, florals & garlands, variety of Sweetheart tables, Sweetheart Love seats & chairs, Sweetheart table decorations, “Mr. & Mrs.” Signs (same sex available).  All the items from the Treasure Chest must be submitted to us by Friday, BEFORE your final meeting.  Simply go to www.fallsmanorcatering.com/wedding/treasure-chest/

Can I bring my own decorations?2020-04-10T11:22:56-04:00

Yes.  However, nothing can be taped to the floor, mirrors or the walls or hung on the curtains.  Any decorations brought in must be free standing or be put on the tables.  Absolutely no confetti, rice or bubbles are allowed.  All decorations must be taken with you at the end of the wedding.

How early can my decorators come to the venue and how much time do they have to break down?2020-04-10T11:35:46-04:00

If you are hiring a decorator, they can enter the venue up to 2 hours before the wedding and we allow for 1 hour after the wedding to break down.  Anything longer than that will be assessed a fee of $25 for every 15-minute increments if there is additional time available for the breakdown.

How many people can I seat at a table?2020-04-10T11:45:28-04:00

We have two different size tables. You can seat 8-12 people and you can mix and match tables.   Please do not seat any less than 8 at any given table and no more than 12 (high chair counts as a chair).  You will be asked to re-arrange your tables if we see tables with less than 8 guests or more than 12. Remember not to seat your vendors.  Place your immediate family and friends closest to the head table.  For sample diagrams, select the one that matches closest to your guest count and type of dinner on our website www.fallsmanorcatering.com/planning-tools/seating-diagrams/

If a guest cancels after I have paid in full, can I get a refund?2020-02-21T19:02:32-05:00

Unfortunately, no.

What is the latest I can add guests after I have paid in full?2020-02-21T19:03:13-05:00

Tuesday the week of your wedding.

Do I include ourselves (myself and my fiancé) in the final count?2020-02-21T19:04:10-05:00


Do you provide place cards?2020-04-10T12:03:47-04:00

Yes, we provide Falls Manor place cards for your convenience if they are either part of your package or you picked it as a free enhancement.  You can pick them up at any time at our office and return them filled out as you get closer to the wedding date along with other items that you might be bringing.  Always put them in ALPHABETICAL ORDER (not by table) and only give one card to the whole family (each guest does not need their own card).  If you decide to forgo the cards and do a seating board instead, also arrange guests in the alphabetical order.

As tempted as you will be to arrange the guests by tables, your guests will not know their table number and will be looking for their name for a long time.

We do not fill the place cards for you, we just provide them.

What is a typical order of events at my reception?2020-04-10T12:05:56-04:00

Your reception will start with a one-hour cocktail hour in our beautiful lobby.  At the end of the hour, we will open the doors to the fully set up gorgeous ballroom.  Once we open the doors to the reception, things usually happen in this order (and not all may apply to you):


Couple’s Entrance/Cloud Dance

First Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance

Maid of Honor Toast

Best Man Toast

Prayer/Blessing of the food


Cake cutting

Bouquet Toss

Garter Toss


Last Dance

Sparkler Send Off

When do I bring all the items related to my wedding?2020-02-21T19:07:25-05:00

Usually the week of your wedding, the sooner the better.  Items must be dropped off during regular business hours and should be labeled with your name and wedding date.  If you have a wedding rehearsal scheduled, you may bring your items at that time.

Will I have a designated Maitre D’ at my reception?2020-04-10T12:25:16-04:00

Yes, absolutely.  Maitre D’ will be the liaison between you, DJ and our catering staff.  You can ask your Maitre D’ for anything you might need help with.  Maitre D’ puts in a lot of work right before, during, and after your reception, making sure everything goes smoothly.  If you feel that they did an exceptional job, feel free to tip them at the end of the night, although it is not necessary.

Who is in charge of collecting all the items we bring to the wedding?2020-04-10T12:54:25-04:00

Your Maitre D’ will collect all the items you brought to the wedding, along with your cards and gifts, and have them ready on a cart for you to take with you.  You are responsible for your personal belongings in the wedding lounges.

Do I tip the staff?2020-04-10T12:56:58-04:00

If you feel that the servers did an exceptional job, you are welcome to tip them extra at the end of the night.  Just give the cash to Maitre D’ and he/she will divide it between all the servers.  Typical extra tip would be $25-$30 per server, but it is not necessary.

What is a refundable security deposit?2020-04-10T13:11:31-04:00

It’s a $500 separate personal check that we do not cash right away.  We do a walkthrough of the building after your event and make a note of any broken or missing items or any other damages.  We will contact you and advise you if anything is broken/missing and will usually take the money to replace/fix items out of the security deposit.  We will send you the balance of the security deposit written as a Falls Manor check.  This happens very rarely, otherwise your check will be shredded.  We do not accept cash for security deposits.

Can I bring my own Photobooth vendor?2020-04-10T13:23:11-04:00

Unfortunately, no.  We provide our own in-house Photobooth for $600 plus tax for 4 hours.  Please let us know if you would like to book it.  You may decide to add an album for all the photo strips for $40 plus tax.

Can I hire a band and do you have a stage for the band?2020-04-10T13:29:35-04:00

Absolutely, you can hire a band.  We do not have a stage for the band.  Your band (and DJ) have to bring all their own equipment and extension cords.  Any wires or cables must be taped to the floor with a special gaffer’s tape to avoid any damage to the floor.   Please advise the band that they have only up to 1 hour after the reception to break down.  They also need to provide us with the liability insurance.

Do Vendors need liability insurance?2020-04-10T13:31:34-04:00

Yes, they absolutely do.  All outside vendors including photographer, videographer, DJ, bands, florists and decorators require liability insurance and it must be provided to Falls Manor at least 10 days prior to the wedding via email or mail.  Please have your vendors email their certificate of insurance to [email protected] with the wedding couple names and wedding date.  You do not need to worry about providing liability insurance for any in-house vendors.


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