Your How-to Guide for Creating a Wedding Budget | Falls Manor Catering & Special Events

//Your How-to Guide for Creating a Wedding Budget | Falls Manor Catering & Special Events

Your How-to Guide for Creating a Wedding Budget | Falls Manor Catering & Special Events

Who doesn’t want the wedding of their dreams? We all do! However, while we all have grand dreams, it’s important to keep your financial realities in mind, too.

That’s why our team at Falls Manor Catering & Special Events wants to share a little insight about how to create a wedding budget to make your vision a reality.

Establish a Wedding Budget You Can Stick To

As you begin the wedding planning process, it becomes pretty clear how quickly the cost of things can start to pile up—the venue, the flowers, the food and so on. But before you start getting completely overwhelmed, our team is here to help! Take a deep breath and establish a wedding budget to make everything run more smoothly.

Let’s take a look at things to consider as you set up a wedding budget:

Determine How Much You Have to Spend

Now, this does not mean you will spend every dollar you have in your bank account on your wedding—although you may want to. This to-do is really to get you to think about how much you have at your disposal to spend on your wedding.

Are you paying for your wedding yourself? Have certain loved ones offered to help with the cost of the wedding?

Once you are able to see where your finances stand, it will be easier to see where your wedding budget is and how you can move forward with your wedding dream plans.

Keep Track of Everything

Once you’ve established your budget basics, you need to keep a careful eye on what you’re spending!

Just like you do your household expenses, the same is true for your wedding budget. You want to make sure everything is calculated and considered when budgeting your wedding.

As you get quotes from various vendors with the help of our team, the best idea is to list them and their price quote in a spreadsheet to see how each one fits into your budget.

That way you can make sure you are making the right choice in vendors for not only your wedding—but also your wedding budget.

Always Plan for the Unexpected

Much like in life, anything can happen along your journey to your wedding. So add a little padding here and there when creating your budget.

Just as you have an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses in your everyday life, you want to have a similar ability to cover anything that may crop up as you plan your wedding.

Did you know that weddings at Falls Manor typically cost less than half the national average for weddings? If you’re ready to get started, give our team a call today to learn about our services.

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